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We inspire our team members to unleash their full potential and achieve greatness.

Unlock a world of limitless possibilities

Step into the forefront of the dynamic financial markets landscape, where you'll gain the empowering skills to create a meaningful impact.

At the heart of KOSEC's advancement are individuals of remarkable quality

Dive into an ever-evolving industry where clients embrace change, and companies reshape roles, strategies, and offerings to stay ahead. Your career will be a dynamic journey of innovation and adaptation.
KOSEC was founded with a vision to unite the sharpest minds in the industry, celebrating diversity and dedicated to unleashing the potential within each individual. We ignite personal growth by encouraging innovative thinking, and we provide unwavering support, ensuring every resource is available for your success.
Ready to join a community that recognizes and celebrates your dedication? KOSEC welcomes ambitious individuals who are eager to create an impact. Ideal candidates should showcase:
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A Teamwork Mindset
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Innate Enthusiasm for Financial Markets
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Unwavering Commitment to Excellence

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Explore our roles:

Graduate Roles

Unveil an exciting pathway with our stockbroking traineeship, designed to catapult your career in one of the most sought-after and fulfilling industries.

Join Our Team as a Trainee Investment Specialist: Ignite Your Potential, Shape Success


Your Role at a Glance:

Your daily journey will evolve with your experience, exposing you to various facets of our business—research, client relations, and trading. At the forefront of deal-making, your role entails conveying advanced investment strategies and solutions from KOSEC’s diverse product and service offering to high net worth (HNW) investors.


Your Unique Qualities:

  • Artful Communication: Your telephone finesse is matched only by your exceptional communication skills.
  • Business Savvy: A natural flair for business, coupled with a track record in sales, puts you ahead.
  • Analytical Acumen: Strong research and analytical skills form the backbone of your expertise.
  • Unrelenting Motivation: Driven by your determination, you take challenges head-on.
  • Flourish Amidst Change: A dynamic environment fuels your growth.
  • Academic Foundation: Your tertiary qualification underscores your commitment.
  • Stock Market Aficionado: Your passion for the stock market propels your pursuit.
  • Success Trailblazer: Your past accomplishments trace a path to greatness.


What Awaits You:

  • In-Depth Training: Immerse yourself in our firm’s intricacies and the industry’s dynamics. Hone your communication skills and amplify your strengths.
  • Hands-On Experience: Collaborate with dedicated professionals and experienced leaders, enriching your journey with feedback.
  • RG-146 Certification: Upon completing the program, the company covers the cost of your RG-146 Certification.
  • Rewarding Recognition: Your extra mile leads to tangible rewards for your unwavering dedication.
  • Innovation Culture: Mediocrity is not our creed; we’re committed to embracing change and achieving new heights.


Path to Progress:

Following your traineeship, you’ll firmly establish your foothold. The trajectory often leads to becoming an accomplished Equity Product Broker.

Experienced Professional Roles

The strength of a thriving company lies in the diversity of its team. If you're eager to elevate your career, we enthusiastically invite candidates from every background to seize this opportunity and apply.

Elevate your career and embrace an unparalleled opportunity to excel, innovate, and define new standards in wealth management.

Your Role at a Glance:

Unleash your potential with this exceptional opportunity as we are in search of a seasoned and dynamic Senior Private Wealth Adviser, an individual who brings an existing substantial book of clients to further flourish under our esteemed brand. Leverage our expansive support structure, vast networks, and unwavering reputation to nurture and expand your client base, drive revenue, and propel your career to greater heights. The ideal candidate embodies excellence, boasting a proven history of cultivating successful client relationships while offering advice to a diverse clientele encompassing ultra-high net worth investors, corporations, and family offices.

As a senior figure, your expertise in equities, intricate company analysis, wealth generation, and risk management is essential. Upholding impeccable compliance standards, you possess advanced communication skills and a steadfast rapport with your clients. Collaborating with our dedicated team of professionals, you’ll gain access to an unparalleled array of private wealth products and services, independent research and analysis, innovative software solutions, educational resources, and the unwavering support of our Analysts, Dealers, and Traders. Additionally, gain access to one of the industry’s largest and most highly qualified UHNW database with your influence magnified as you feature in our nationally distributed luxury investment and lifestyle magazine, as well as our successful stock market show, reaching over 2 million views on Ticker News.

Your Unique Qualities:

  • Possess an impressive track record of accomplishment within reputable institutions, showcasing your expertise and success.
  • Thrive on the prospect of contributing to a high-performing culture, driven by ambition, and aspire to attain equity and more senior positions.
  • Excel as a team player, capable of motivating and inspiring others through your strong collaborative skills.
  • Demonstrate a robust history of advising a diverse range of clients, both retail and wholesale/sophisticated, with consistent success.
  • Boast a solid client base, adeptly managing current relationships and leveraging a well-established network of referrals.
  • Display exceptional communication and client management skills, adept at addressing issues and handling complaints.
  • Possess impressive presentation and communication abilities, enabling you to captivate and engage audiences effectively.

Your Responsibilities:

  • Offer general or specific advice in a confident, professional, and compliant manner.
  • Conduct meticulous analysis of client portfolios, identifying strategic buy/hold/sell opportunities and implementing effective risk management strategies.
  • Educate clients about sophisticated investment strategies, fostering their understanding and trust in your guidance.
  • Possess an in-depth knowledge of company products and services, ensuring you’re well-equipped to provide comprehensive solutions.
  • Cultivate and maintain robust client relationships, emphasizing consistent communication and personalized attention.
  • Collaborate seamlessly with a dynamic team of Analysts, Dealers, and Traders, aligning efforts to achieve collective company objectives.
  • Monitor daily company announcements, institutional ratings, analyst targets, and market trends to stay ahead of evolving market dynamics.
  • Nurture an active pipeline of existing relationships while strategically leveraging referrals to drive new client acquisition.
  • Fuel your client book growth by participating in impactful conferences, seminars, and industry events.
  • Uphold strict compliance standards and maintain meticulous records in our CRM system.
  • Provide invaluable insights on product development, systems enhancement, and strategic initiatives, contributing to the company’s ongoing innovation.

What Awaits You:

Uncover a multitude of reasons that set our brand apart and make us the ultimate choice for seasoned professionals:

  1. National Recognition: Align yourself with a nationally recognized household brand that offers innovative solutions. Our esteemed reputation simplifies the process of acquiring new clients and growing your client base, even amidst challenging market conditions.
  2. Enhanced Returns: Harness the power of strong support and a robust company structure to generate higher returns for your clients. Your expertise, coupled with our infrastructure, empowers you to deliver exceptional results.
  3. Expansive Reach: Join our expanding team that has recently extended its reach to the US. Benefit from the opportunity to work from our new offices located in seven major Australian cities or seamlessly transition to a hybrid work model.
  4. Empowerment Through Ownership: Operate your own book of clients while benefiting from our Corporate CAR structure.
  5. Highest Commissions: Enjoy the most attractive payout rates.
  6. Future-Forward Planning: Embrace succession planning and a buyout model, catering to advisers looking to retire or make a strategic industry exit.
  7. Exclusive Engagements: Immerse yourself in a world of exclusivity by attending our opulent events hosted on superyachts, luxury hotels, and in collaboration with brand partners. Network with ultra-high net worth investors, amplifying your client base and revenue generation potential.
  8. Marketing Mastery: Opportunity to access new avenues of growth as you tap into our professionally managed marketing campaigns. Leverage leads and inquiries from TV advertising, Google, Bing, Facebook/Instagram, and more, exponentially expanding your client book.
  9. Research and Expertise: Gain a competitive edge with our team of Inhouse Research Analysts and Traders. Leverage their insights to maximize your clients’ returns, navigate markets, and increase your revenue.
  10. Delegate with Confidence: The option to entrust highly trained Dealers & Traders to manage client accounts, seize opportunities, and trade on your behalf, enabling you to enjoy your time off or focus on business growth and expansion.
  11. Technological Excellence: Utilize cutting-edge technology, IT hardware/software, and CRM systems in luxurious offices, setting the stage for impactful client presentations.
  12. Market Exposure: Feature on the KOSEC Show to enhance your profile, impress clients, and attract new business. Additionally, contribute market content to our widely distributed magazine that reaches newsagencies, luxury hotels and airport lounges Australia wide, expanding your exposure and credibility.
  13. Expert Guidance: Receive one-on-one mentoring and executive coaching from KOSEC CEO Michael Kodari, an industry visionary recognized as ‘the brightest 21st-century entrepreneur in wealth management’ by CNBC Asia. Benefit from insights and strategies honed over a decade of success.
  14. Premium Offering: Elevate your service quality by offering clients a comprehensive product and service bundle valued at $34,725 annually provided complimentary for your existing book of clients to further nurture and grow your relationship. Stand out with research, AI tools, education, corporate finance opportunities, and exclusive events, all conveniently accessible in one place. The product and service offering clients receive includes the following;


  • Daily Video and Email Pre & Post Market Wraps
  • Daily News Articles
  • Weekly Market Overview Webinars by PHD qualified Analysts
  • Buy Recommendation Emails
  • Week- In-Review Report
  • Company In Focus Report
  • Monthly Report

Fintech – Investment Software & Tools

  • Phantom X
  • Lotus Blue
  • Buffett 2.0
  • Livermore AI


  • Educational Videos & Quizzes
  • Educational Articles
  • Educational Webinars
  • Weekly Podcast Show

Corporate Finance

  • Venture Capital
  • Pre IPOs
  • IPOs
  • Placements
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Convertible Notes


  • Conferences in luxury hotels
  • Conferences in luxury yachts and superyachts
  • Exclusive functions with our magazine brand partners

Path to Progress:

With a solid track record, you’ll ascend your career ladder, and receive equity and senior positions in the company.

Join Us as a Private Wealth Consultant: Unleash Your Potential


Your Role at a Glance:

As a Private Wealth Consultant, you’ll take the lead in identifying exciting new opportunities by connecting with high net worth (HNW) investors and forging strategic partnerships. Collaborating with the Private Wealth team, you’ll organize conferences and pioneer fresh avenues for product distribution.

Your Unique Qualities:

  • Exceptional Communication Skills: Your telephone etiquette and communication finesse set you apart.
  • Deal-Closing Pro: You have a proven record of sealing deals and surpassing targets.
  • Wealth Management Savvy: Prior experience in wealth management is a plus.
  • Elite Investor Network: Your existing connections with ultra-high net worth investors give you an edge.
  • Thrive in Dynamic Environments: You excel amidst ever-changing landscapes.
  • Educational Edge: A tertiary qualification in commerce, finance, or economics underlines your prowess.
  • Passion for the Stock Market: Your genuine enthusiasm sets your heart racing.


What Awaits You:

  • Comprehensive Training: Master the ins and outs of our firm and the industry. Enhance your communication prowess and amplify your strengths.
  • Immersive Learning: Collaborate with dedicated teams and seasoned leaders, benefiting from valuable feedback.
  • Rewarding Recognition: Surpass expectations and reap the rewards of your dedicated efforts.
  • Culture of Innovation: We’re not just content; we’re driven to explore new horizons and embrace change.


Path to Progress:

With a solid track record, you’ll ascend your career ladder, potentially advancing to an Associate or beyond.

Join Our Team as a Research Analyst: Uncover Insights, Shape Strategy


Your Role at a Glance:

As a Research Analyst, your mission revolves around dissecting and investigating companies. Your findings will grace daily market wraps and investment committee meetings, and you’ll play a pivotal role in crafting our weekly and monthly reports. Beyond this, you’ll contribute to portfolio reviews and host enlightening client seminars.

Your Unique Qualities:

  • Masterful Communication: Your ability to convey ideas and captivate audiences sets you apart.
  • Artful Expression: Writing isn’t just a skill for you; it’s a finely tuned craft with an eye for precision.
  • Corporate Universe Connoisseur: You possess a comprehensive understanding of companies and their dynamics.
  • Academic Excellence: A PhD qualification adds a distinctive edge to your profile.
  • Wealth Management Wisdom: Prior exposure to wealth management enhances your suitability.
  • Thrive Amidst Change: Your adaptability shines in dynamic environments.
  • Stock Market Aficionado: Your passion for the stock market fuels your drive.


What Awaits You:

  • Immersive Learning: Collaborate closely with accomplished colleagues and seasoned leaders, with feedback that nurtures your growth.
  • Empowered Autonomy: We entrust you with managing your time and workload, treating you as the capable professional you are.
  • Rewarding Recognition: Your dedication translates into well-deserved rewards for your exceptional efforts.
  • Culture of Innovation: We’re not content with the ordinary; innovation is our compass as we aim for greater heights.


Path to Progress:

A solid track record will propel you to the role of Senior Equity Research Analyst.

Join Our Team as a Dealer Assistant: Shape Investments, Elevate Strategies


Your Role at a Glance:

As a Dealer Assistant, you’ll be a vital cog in our trading team, infusing daily investment committee meetings with unique investment opportunities. Your daily tasks will encompass conducting technical analysis on ASX companies, commodities, and currencies. You’ll also be instrumental in setting up client accounts, proactively addressing their concerns, and guiding them through our distinctive product offerings and investment strategies.


Your Unique Qualities:

  • Polished Communication: Your telephone finesse and communication prowess set the stage for excellence.
  • Business Acumen Extraordinaire: A keen eye for detail and a strong business acumen are your trademarks.
  • Accreditation Advantage: Holding an RG146 accreditation is a definite plus.
  • Wealth Management Wisdom: Previous experience in wealth management is advantageous.
  • Flourish Amidst Dynamics: You thrive in an environment of constant change.
  • Academic Excellence: A tertiary qualification in commerce, finance, or economics underlines your commitment.
  • Stock Market Enthusiast: Your fervor for the stock market drives your enthusiasm.


What Awaits You:

  • Comprehensive Training: Master the intricacies of our firm and the industry at large. Refine your communication skills and amplify your strengths.
  • Hands-On Learning: Work closely with dedicated traders and seasoned leaders, benefitting from valuable feedback.
  • Rewarding Recognition: Your extra effort translates into substantial rewards for your dedication.
  • Culture of Innovation: We’re not content with the status quo; innovation is our fuel as we aim higher.


Path to Progress:

With a consistent track record, your career path could lead to becoming a Trader or even beyond.

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Regrettably, due to the high number of applications we receive, only candidates with relevant experience will be contacted to advance their application. Please be assured that any expression of interest in this role will be handled with the utmost confidentiality.

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