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Experience the future of financIAL Markets through our innovative software lineup, carefully crafted by industry experts and embraced by adept money managers.


Investment SoftwarE & TOOLS

Phantom X

Introducing a realm of limitless opportunities through our groundbreaking software, seamlessly integrating a wealth of comprehensive resources to grant our clients a distinct and powerful advantage.

Unveil a world of decision-driving data: from the latest macroeconomic insights to currency and commodities forecasts, laser-focused sector analysis, insider trading intel, company-specific updates, fundamental analysis, institutional valuations, analyst ratings, broker consensus, thematic stocks, unparalleled insights, dynamic charting tools, and the force of Artificial Intelligence. Crafted with the expertise of industry professionals, this remarkable software was initially designed for internal use. Now, we’re opening the doors to you, granting unique access to a universe of knowledge. 

Experience the brilliance of KOSEC Gems – a curated selection of top-performing companies with boundless potential. Our advanced watchlist feature keeps you in the loop with company-specific news and announcements that matter to you. All this and more, right at your fingertips, transforming your investment approach into an extraordinary journey.

Lotus Blue

Unearth the fascination of a unique filtering system intricately designed to effortlessly direct you towards the realm of cutting-edge investment opportunities.

Much like the lotus symbolizes knowledge, wisdom, and confidence, our software serves as a conduit for empowered decision-making. Rooted in the ethos of the lotus, Lotus Blue meticulously identifies investment-grade companies within the All Ords index, with an unwavering focus on factors like profitability and return on equity (ROE). These selections undergo meticulous refinement, earning ratings that mirror not only their financial consistency but also their excellence in product/service offerings and the strength of their management teams.

What initially evolved as an internal tool catering to our fund management endeavors has now been entrusted to you. The reins have been placed in your capable hands. Embrace this opportunity to take control and finely tune your stock selection process through an array of filters that meticulously consider crucial parameters. Just as the lotus flourishes with intention, our software empowers you to flourish in your investment journey with intention and precision.

Buffett 2.0

After nearly a decade of dedicated development and rigorous simulations, our in-house valuation model emerged.

Inspired by Warren Buffet’s prowess in selecting undervalued companies within the stock market, the genesis of this innovation was driven by our Founder, Michael Kodari. He aspired to infuse a new level of precision into valuation methodologies. Guiding this endeavor was Dr. Adam Sierakowski, a distinguished mathematician and former lecturer at esteemed universities. Notably associated with the prestigious Fields Institute of Mathematics in Canada, a Nobel Prize-winning institution, and equipped with a Ph.D. in Mathematics, Dr. Sierakowski’s insights were of paramount significance.

Recognizing the opportunity, Adam meticulously subjected major valuation models to back-testing, with the aim of forging a more robust and potent model for intrinsic company valuation. What sets our approach apart is its comprehensive incorporation of a diverse range of financial metrics, marking a departure from conventional models. This all-encompassing integration optimizes accuracy, bestowing our valuation model with unmatched solidity and precision.

Livermore AI

Drawing inspiration from the legendary trader Jesse Livermore, whose ingenious system amassed a staggering $100 million fortune in 1929, we embarked on a quest to redefine trading dynamics.

Our relentless pursuit of a distinctive advantage propelled us to engineer a meticulously honed Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning algorithm. Forged by a collaboration of exceptional programmers, data scientists, and mathematicians, this algorithm emerges as our beacon of strategic differentiation, setting us head and shoulders above the competition. This cutting-edge algorithm bestows upon us the power to swiftly discern time-sensitive opportunities that remain beyond the reach of conventional methods.

Through rapid analysis of thousands of pivotal data points, we unveil prospects that might otherwise elude human perception. Notably, this advanced technology equips us to precisely identify any potential risks associated with our clients’ holdings. In essence, we harmonize groundbreaking technology with a heritage of success, delivering an investment experience that is truly unparalleled. With us, innovation and legacy merge seamlessly, offering you a truly exceptional experience.

Portfolio Screener

Reveal the power of informed decision-making with our comprehensive portfolio review at the touch of a button, backed by hard facts that drive your portfolio's success.

Our Portfolio Screener takes your investment analysis to the next level. It goes beyond the surface, delving deep into the financial health and key fundamental ratios of each company within your portfolio. But that’s just the initial step. Our tool elevates the process by meticulously comparing ratings and valuations from major institutions, in addition to utilizing our proprietary valuation model. As a cherry on top, every company is automatically charted, and a comprehensive technical analysis is conducted.

Prepare for a revolutionary transformation in your portfolio review approach. Our Portfolio Screener emerges as a true game-changer, illuminating the untapped potential of your portfolio and introducing an unparalleled level of clarity to your investment journey. With our tool at your side, you’re empowered to make informed decisions like never before.

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