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Private Wealth

KOSEC doesn't just set high standards; we redefine them. With a fervent dedication to excellence, we unlock cutting-edge opportunities for our clients' PRIVATE WEALTH. Every move we make is driven by your best interests, and we take great pride in the clarity and transparency we offer.

Trading & Dealing Team

Benefit from unparalleled support offered by our team of industry experts, surpassing the assistance provided by any other institution.

Unlock the power of KOSEC and access not just one, but an entire team of seasoned private wealth professionals who are truly passionate about the stock market. Our experts are constantly immersed in market dynamics, dedicated to uncovering the most promising opportunities.

In return, clients are welcomed into a realm of abundant resources and unwavering support, available at your convenience from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. Each trader meticulously tracks a selection of companies within the All Ordinaries index, delving deep into announcements, articles, institutional ratings, and performing technical analysis that could influence a company’s trajectory. These insights serve as a compass, guiding you to mitigate risks and maximize potential returns. Our mission is to elevate the retail client experience to match that of institutions, ensuring that you receive the highest standard of care and expertise every step of the way.

What is the role of the Trading & Dealing team?
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Access In-House Analysts

Gain privileged direct access to our elite team of seasoned analysts, ready to meet by appointment, to discuss market insights or specific company inquiries.

Engage in the exclusivity of one-on-one private wealth consultations, delving deep into a wealth of critical insights encompassing market conditions, impactful announcements, comprehensive fundamental analysis, and detailed company valuations.

Our team of seasoned analysts brings a wealth of knowledge to the table, spanning macroeconomic trends, commodities, and currencies. This ensures that you possess a well-rounded, 360-degree perspective of the investment landscape. Armed with these comprehensive insights, you’ll be well-prepared to navigate the dynamic financial markets with unwavering confidence and a sharp, clear vision.

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What is the role of the In-House Analysts?

Portfolio Review

Begin your investment journey with us and experience a thorough portfolio review when you transfer your existing stocks from another institution.

Explore an in-depth portfolio review that delves into the core of each business within your portfolio, ensuring a robust financial health assessment. To provide a more accurate valuation, we leverage our own valuation model for each company. Our meticulous analysis spans up to five years of data, ensuring consistent revenue, earnings, cash flow, operating margin, and ROE, coupled with manageable or declining debt. We also consider major institutional valuations and market sentiment towards the business, ensuring that clients hold undervalued companies, favoured by major institutions and thus reducing the risk of a declining stock price.

In the final stride, we conduct precise technical analysis, exploring price action and chart patterns while employing a range of indicators. Our aim is to seek confluence to flag potential risks. If any concerns arise, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with a senior investment team member who will guide you towards more favorable opportunities. This holistic approach ensures that your portfolio remains strong and dynamic in the ever-evolving market landscape.

Portfolio Review

KOSEC provides corporate finance deals to its clients in the areas of:

Venture Capital
Initial Public Offering (IPO)
Mergers & Acquisitions
Rights Issues
Convertible Notes


Exploring the realm of quality investments can lead to diverse opportunities, some of which remain beyond the grasp of traditional institutions and investors.

Seize the advantage of partnering with a distinguished institution boasting extensive industry connections, unlocking access to a realm of exclusive off-market opportunities. In the dynamic field of corporate finance, these prospects span a spectrum that includes venture capital, initial public offerings (IPOs), pre-IPOs, placements, convertible notes and rights issues.

Distinct from the mainstream secondary markets, these opportunities beckon sophisticated high net worth investors seeking unique avenues. Our approach to presenting corporate finance possibilities is meticulous, cherry-picking only the rare finds that align with our stringent quality benchmarks, even when faced with potential short-term liquidity considerations in deals.

Private Educational Session

In our commitment to empower and educate our clients, we offer an exclusive hour-long private educational session through a video conference.

Fostering a collaborative atmosphere, we extend an invitation to explore an array of stock market fundamentals, delve into the intricacies of fundamental analysis, understand our unique investment strategy, unravel the nuances of meticulous company valuations, and decode the intricacies of technical analysis. 

In this immersive session, clients are encouraged to pose questions about any market-related queries that intrigue them. This experience empowers our clients with an encompassing grasp of strategies finely honed to mitigate risk and amplify returns, all with the objective of elevating their proficiency as well-informed investors.

Quarterly Fine-Dining Lunches

Cultivating long and valued partnerships with our clients is a hallmark of KOSEC's service.

Nurturing these lasting and cherished partnerships is a foundational pillar of KOSEC’s unwavering dedication. To elevate the quality of these connections, we meticulously orchestrate exclusive quarterly luncheons held at prestigious restaurants.

These gatherings are thoughtfully designed to foster relaxed and engaging dialogues, providing our clients with the opportunity to delve into the latest news, intricacies of market dynamics, and insightful portfolio perspectives. Beyond this, these luncheons grant a unique chance to gain a deeper understanding of our daily operations and rigorous due diligence processes, further solidifying the bonds of trust and camaraderie that define our relationship with our valued clients.


Enter the dynamic realm of KOSEC as you partake in our exclusive events and gatherings meticulously crafted to cultivate meaningful connections and enriching interactions.

Step into a vibrant community that thrives on fostering connections among our valued clients, offering exclusive interactions with like-minded peers and revered guests. Immerse yourself in a dynamic blend of professionals, including business luminaries, influential leaders, visionary politicians, and even accomplished athletes. Our meticulously curated events provide an unparalleled platform to engage in meaningful dialogues, exchange ideas, and forge invaluable relationships.

Elevate your networking experience by joining us at these captivating gatherings, where you’ll have the chance to connect with industry experts and our strategic partners. From insightful conversations to relaxed mingling, these events offer a prime opportunity to expand your horizons, deepen your market insights, and establish enduring connections within our thriving community.

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Investment Conferences

Crafted to deliver invaluable perspectives on the economy and significant market trends, our conferences cater to investors seeking profound insights.

Participate in our captivating interactive conferences, thoughtfully designed to provide investors with profound insights into the economy and key market trends. Delight in the opulent atmosphere of prestigious venues, accompanied by delectable canapes and beverages. 

Immerse yourself in a dynamic networking environment, connecting with fellow enthusiasts, industry luminaries, and esteemed figures who mirror your zeal for achievement. These exclusive events, featuring complimentary canapes and drinks, provide an exceptional platform for investors to forge connections with like-minded peers, industry experts, and prominent public figures who share your drive for success.

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Investment Conferences
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