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Our expert in-house analysts diligently dissect data daily, empowering clients to convert insights into meaningful actions.

Discover our remarkable team of economists, analysts, and mathematicians. they transform intricate global issues into lucid queries, delving into specifics while removing unnecessary complexities.


Immerse yourself in the heartbeat of daily global and domestic market dynamics. Stay up-to-date with the latest developments in commodities, currencies, and company news. Our dedication fo research also encompasses providing you with daily insights into changes in institutional ratings and valuations, which have the potential to shape the path of your portfolio. Moreover, we meticulously analyze commodities and currencies, assigning ratings to offer a holistic viewpoint. We also bring you succinct videos, efficiently delivering essential market insights through our pre and post-market wrap content in an interactive format.

Daily News Articles

Dive into a seamless blend of the latest updates and professional insights in our research, meticulously crafted to provide clients with the most recent information about top-performing companies on our watchlist. These articles serve as your gateway to staying ahead, as we unveil significant announcements and noteworthy news that have the potential to shape investment opportunities. Acting as indispensable tools, they enrich your comprehension of specific companies, fostering an environment where informed investment decisions can flourish. Take a journey of discovery as our concise yet comprehensive research sheds light on the intricate world of top-performing companies. Engage in insightful discussions that dissect their latest developments, equipping you with the knowledge required to confidently pinpoint potential investment opportunities.

Boardroom Talk – The Week Ahead Webinar

Elevate your insights through our exclusive live weekly webinars, held on Monday mornings, where our analysts delve into the latest macroeconomic developments spanning the US, China, Europe, and Australia. These engaging sessions also dissect news and analysis related to currencies and commodities. Designed to enrich your market understanding, these webinars offer a holistic view that jumpstarts your week, seamlessly integrating you into our team’s discussions as if you were right here in our office every Monday morning. The experience culminates in a Q&A session, ensuring all your inquiries are met.

Opportunity Alert

Receive an email immediately following our daily investment meeting, providing you with a comprehensive breakdown of our top-down reasoning. Our strategy is rooted in solid evidence and marked by transparency. Our investment team meticulously follows a systematic approach to handpick lucrative opportunities. Accompanying the email is an informative video that delves into intricate aspects such as the company’s product or service offerings, macroeconomics, fundamentals, institutional valuations, and technical analysis. This not only imparts our clients with state-of-the-art insights but also unveils time-sensitive opportunities that can shape their investment journey.

Week-In-Review Report

Uncover the essence of each trading week with our captivating Friday evening report. As the markets wind down for the weekend, our report springs to life, encapsulating the vibrant highlights of the week. Explore insights that unveil the heartbeat of the market, from macro and domestic news to the intricate dynamics of commodities and currencies. Venture deeper with sector analysis, explore pivotal company announcements, and gain a glimpse of the unfolding week ahead.

Kosec Securities Stock market research

Monthly Report

Initiate a captivating monthly journey through our publication, where we explore the realm of macroeconomic news across the US, China, Europe, and Australia. Inside its thoughtfully curated content, you’ll uncover insights into significant events and announcements, while revealing eight high-quality investment opportunities. The report provides a concise overview of each company’s business model, operations, management team, competitors, growth prospects, institutional valuations, and chart analysis. This streamlined approach empowers clients, regardless of their experience level, to efficiently navigate the investment landscape and capitalize on the right opportunities.

Company-In-Focus Report

Plunge into the depth of our comprehensive report, embarking on a meticulous journey through the realm of top-performing companies. With keen discernment, we analyze their financials, intricate product and service offerings, nuanced market positioning, the excellence of their executive teams, and shed light on any underlying risks. This report serves as your portal to comprehending the essence of these companies and the opportunities they present. This report acts as your gateway to grasping the core of these companies and the prospects they offer.

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