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Unleash the Wisdom of the Oracle:
Join Our Exclusive "Invest Like Warren Buffett" Webinar

Step into the world of investing brilliance with our "Invest Like Warren Buffett" webinar. Join us as we unveil the secrets behind the legendary Warren Buffett's investment prowess. This is your golden opportunity to tap into the strategies and mindset that have propelled him to the pinnacle of success.

Don’t miss this chance to elevate your investment acumen by embracing the wisdom of a true investment sage. Join us for the “Invest Like Warren Buffett” webinar and unlock the doors to a world of investing excellence.

Delve into the world of stock valuation models, honed over years of meticulous study, including the acclaimed techniques of Warren Buffett. Our mission? To present you with a groundbreaking model that redefines success, propels returns, safeguards capital, and cultivates unshakeable investment confidence.

Join the illuminating discussion led by our esteemed Senior Research Analyst, Dr. Adam Sierakowski. Delve into the realm of traditional valuation models, each wielded to gauge the value of ASX top 20 stocks. Gain insights into their nuances, and unearth their respective limitations, as Dr. Sierakowski skillfully navigates:

  • The Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Model
  • The P/B-ROE Model
  • The Residual Income Model
  • The Market Approach


Explore how these models can enhance your valuation skills and empower your investment judgments in this captivating webinar.

Dr. Adam Sierakowski
Senior Research Analyst

Dr. Adam Sierakowski is a Senior Research Analyst at KOSEC. Armed with a PhD in Mathematics from the esteemed University of Copenhagen, he’s not only a mastermind in his field but also a highly regarded lecturer. His journey has led him to the renowned Fields Institute at the University of Toronto, Canada—an international hub for scientific research in mathematical sciences, bearing the name of John Charles Fields, originator of the Fields Medal, math’s equivalent of the Nobel Prize.

Harnessing his daily macroeconomic research, Adam navigates the realms of offshore and domestic news sources, delves into company updates, and taps into our proprietary research tool. His expertise extends to valuing companies and meticulously curating findings that he shares with our investment committee. With Adam at the helm, you’re assured of a skilled guide through the intricate maze of financial analysis.

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